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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Living with Conor its like you,ve never met him in  our whole life like if you bring a freind over for tea he acts totally shy¬oh wait speeking of shy when he is with his girlfreind and you catch him he goes bright red the colour of my nannas sun burn when we went to Egypt.Once my brother conor ward he was walking with his girlfreind and me millie ward and our mum lisa ward we caught him and my mum whistled really loud¬he got soooooo embarassed.

Dont spread the word cause i think i already did we are moving to america to live there in a few days

finished for now bu there will definately be more see ya soon

UK bound from Amsterdam

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Just sat at airport tinternet cafe waiting for plane and looking forward to the big move in 5 days

Leaving do Saturday ay Marigolods, should be a mixed bag of emotions unless I drink heapum plenty. Said my goodbyes to kins already, was wierd but done. Chatted last night on Skype with her and all fine.

Have a good hols the Speaksters , was going to say see you when you get back !! More like speak with you when you get back

Bye for now


Still unsure how this all works so if it looks wierd then tough mammaries,I am working on it